Director and Co-Founder

Director & CEO

Raghav Mittal

Raghav is an ex-investment banker with Deutsche Bank. He has vast experience in power & utility sector debt capital market financing. An IIT Madras graduate, he founded SunAlpha with a vision to convert solar from a product to service in India.


Puneet Goyal

Puneet comes from a family business of investing in FMCG, renewable and recycling. He brings to the table his extensive network and knowledge about operations, production and supply chain. Puneet has an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, Atlanta (USA).

Projects and Design

Deepak Singh

Accounts Manager

Dhinesh VJl

Design Engineer

Jitendra Chopra

Project Manager

Ramcharan Choudhary

Senior Site Engineer

Mayukh Chanda

Technical Head