Why Should You Use Solar Panels For Residential?

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It is a common query amongst many homeowners, especially those who are skeptical about whether it is a good investment. Going solar panels for residential would be one of the best eco-friendly decisions as you can not only cut down your electricity bills but also preserve non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, including oil and natural gas.

Moreover, solar energy is the most abundant of all other natural resources, and as per scientific research, it is here for several billion years more. Interestingly, the sun provides nearly 500 EJ (exajoules) of energy every hour, which is a tremendous amount, more than the entire world can use in a year.

Did you know that a home solar panel typically produces around 300 watts per hour? It means that on a normal summer day that provides about 10 hours of sunlight, you can generate about 3000 watts (3 kWh) of power in a single day, which is more than enough for the average household. For more detailed information on power generation and usage per unit, contact a recognized solar energy company in Rajasthan.

So, if you ask, “Solar panels are not for me”, here are some reasons why you must make the switch right away!


   1. Keep Your Environment Clean

After all, who doesn’t like to live in a healthy and environment-friendly home! Going solar would be one of the major steps to go green as you are contributing to carbon footprint reduction of the planet. Solar energy doesn’t emit harmful pollutants to the air and is safe to use.

The good news is, an average residential solar panel system is capable of eliminating 3-4 tons of carbon emissions every year, which is equivalent to planting 100+ trees in a year. Moreover, you don’t need to burn any fuel while producing electricity using solar power and can generate much larger amounts of energy than fuel combustion.

    2. Use Solar Energy to Save Costs

We all understand the pain of paying high energy bills every month. But you can eliminate this headache-inducing monthly expense by installing solar panels for residential and generating your electricity.

Yes, the initial installation costs are not always insignificant, but you can find a reputable solar energy company in Jaipur that can offer reasonable packages, along with impressive warranties. Moreover, it is a one-time investment that will benefit you for 2-3 decades.

You may ask, “How will I use solar energy at night?” There is an efficient solution to this. You can opt for solar batteries and connect them to your solar system. These batteries are capable of storing high amounts of energy, which you can use at night or during a power cut. Batteries get recharged during the day after they receive solar energy again.

   3. Improve Grid Security

Using solar power means lesser chances of experiencing blackouts. Moreover, every household having solar panels installed acts as a mini power plant. It further enhances the security of the electricity grid, reducing the chances of natural or man-made disasters. The best part is if you have any unused energy left, you can export it back to the grid.

   4. Have a Higher Return on Investment

Solar panels for residential are not just an expense, it is a long-term investment, and you will get high returns for the next 25-30 years, depending on the longevity of your solar system. Moreover, imagine the amount of electricity you will be saving all these years, increasing your ROI percent.

   5. You Can Boost Economic Growth in India

Switching to solar power means you are largely helping the national economy to grow. The greater the number of homeowners going solar more will be the more need for solar companies to install solar panel systems. This means that more will be the skilled manpower required in every solar energy company in Rajasthan and entire India. It contributes to the overall economic growth of the country.

   6. Solar Energy is Free

There’s nothing like generating huge amounts of electricity using solar power, which is a free renewable energy source. You don’t have any power generation or conversion costs once you get your solar panels installed.

The moment you turn on your solar system, you start saving money. The longer it serves you, the more benefits you can get in terms of environmental support and solar technology. This is why the benefits of solar energy are long-term. Besides, producing electricity, you can use solar power for heating purposes as well by using solar thermal systems.

   7. You can Increase Your Roof Lifespan

Yes, you heard that right! Solar panels cover a significant portion of your roof (if you install them there), thus keeping it in good condition for many more years. If you install your panels after roof replacement, you may not need to reroof them again as long as the panels are there. Your rooftop solar company will guide you more regarding this, offering you the best solution.

Furthermore, you can use underutilized land to install your panels, thus converting it into a thing of value. If your roof is not suitable for installing solar panels. You can always use any wasteland that has been lying around without any such use.

There is no need to have high prized plots for solar panel installation. This is what happens in solar farms, which place large numbers of solar cells on underutilized plots or farmlands.

   8. Increase Your Property Value

Studies have shown that homes that have solar energy systems installed have much higher property values than homes without them. This means at the time of property sale, you can demand higher values since appraisers consider this while setting valuations for residential properties.

Most modern homeowners who are educating themselves about the advantages of solar systems constantly look for homes having solar panels preinstalled.


So, it’s up to you to decide which would be a better option. Paying high electricity bills or making a one-time investment in solar panel installation and adhering to greener power usage options?

If you are worried about warranties and after-sale support like repair and maintenance, contact a well-known solar energy company in Jaipur. Some contractors are offering impressive warranty periods and post-installation services, which ensures that your solar systems are functional for years!

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